Service Industry Part 2

Working in the service industry can be rewarding and then, at most, very frustrating at times.

As an example I usually use is the one where the service advisor has to follow the procedures set out by
the manufacturer as well as keep my client happy.

Unfortunately, the client comes off second best!

This is not how to do business!

The client brings his vehicle into the workshop for a diagnostic check on the vehicle not starting
at times with clear symptoms of a flat/faulty battery.

The auto goes into the workshop and is hooked up to the computer for a diagnostic check.

This procedure must be done as the auto is under warranty. It is also for a record that is stored on the auto’s history.

The diagnostic report indicates that the battery must be charged to do the test correctly to determine if the battery is faulty or not.

This is all time consuming but vital.

It was a simple case of swapping a faulty car battery for another.

The warranty states that the battery has to be charged to its full state and then tested.

Here comes the fun part:

We cannot fit another battery without following the procedure!

So, forty minutes later, the battery is charged, tests are performed and the result is that the battery must be replaced.

The new battery is fitted, the engine is started and all the read-outs are printed for warranty purposes.

The car is finally brought to the reception area an hour and a half later!

All this time the client has been informed about the work being carried out.

A loan vehicle was even suggested for the client, but it was refused!

This information and explanation of the procedure for the warranty has done absolutely nothing to appease the client.

He leaves the premises unhappy and he will remember this experience for as long as he drives his auto.

Until the next break down or scheduled service.

Now, the service advisor is the one taking all the flack from the client.

The service advisor did all that he could possibly do to make this experience for the client as smooth as possible, but to no avail!

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