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I’ve worked in the service sector for many years and have a passion for people!


I am enthusiastic about customer care and find it rewarding when I see that their needs are met!

I feel highly rewarded too when I see my efforts bear fruit and that I have helped to brighten someone’s day and that they are satisfied by the service I have delivered.


Now, I work in a sector of the service industry where people/clients can’t see what they have paid for(value for money),but they have to trust you, hence I must work hard to get the desired results and be rewarded with a satisfied client, therefore, building trust is one of the most important factors in retaining clients. This will ensure that they come back and we forge lasting relationships!


I meet customers face-to-face, talk to them and get to know them, well, we sort of become friends, however, I know we have to keep a distance if you can put it like that.

Each individual is different and has to be treated with respect even when the client is unhappy.


Conflict is a particular area I have personally experienced that when the client is unhappy, to remain calm and focus on what is making this client so unhappy!

It goes without saying then, that when the client is upset with whatever is causing them to be unhappy, it’s best that you don’t take it personally, but listen attentively, making eye contact and giving them your full attention and again, LISTEN!

At this point you Need To Be Calm and let them vent their frustration and once they have vented, you assure them that whatever needs to be done to rectify the problem would be attended to immediately.


The saying: “Treat Others The Way You Would Want to Be Treated” has always been my guide and it works!


More to follow…


By Pistoni